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Promoting Factors of Social Inclusion of Students With Special Educational Needs: Perspectives of Parents, Teachers, and Students. / Lindner, Katharina-Theresa; Hassani, Sepideh; Schwab, Susanne; Gerdenitsch, Cornelia; Kopp-Sixt, Silvia; Holzinger, Andrea.

in: Frontiers in Education, Band 7, 27.04.2022.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

FRIEND-SHIP Intervention Program - the Handbook. / Aroni, K.; Toulia, A.; Alves, S.; Hassani, Sepideh; Heidrich, Franziska Anna; Franzen, K.; Görel, G.; Löper, M. F.; Aguiar, T.; Silveira-Maia, M.; Sanches-Ferreira, M.; Hellmich, Frank; Schwab, Susanne; Avramidis, Elias.

Porto Polytechnic, 2022.

Veröffentlichung: Buch

The Circle of Friends intervention: a research synthesis. / Hassani, Sepideh (Korresp. Autor*in); Alves, Silvia; Avramidis, Elias; Schwab, Susanne.

in: European Journal of Special Needs Education, Band 37, Nr. 4, 2022, S. 535-553.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

School-based interventions to support student participation : A comparison of different programs. Results from the FRIEND-SHIP project. / Hassani, Sepideh; Aroni, K.; Toulia, A.; Alves, S.; Görel, G.; Löper, M. F.; Avramidis, Elias; Silveira-Maia, M.; Sanches-Ferreira, M.; Hellmich, Frank; Schwab, Susanne; Resch, Katharina.

Wien, 2020.

Veröffentlichung: BuchPeer-Review

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The Impact of Social Emotional Learning Intervention Programs for Students with SEN: A Systematic Research Review

Sepideh Hassani
ECER 2021 (Geneva Online)
Konferenz, Vortrag
.9.2021 - .9.2021

Peer Relations as a Quality Indicator for Inclusion

Sepideh Hassani
Inclusive and Supportive Educations Conference
Konferenz, Vortrag
.8.2021 - .8.2021

Peerbeziehungen als Qualitätsindikator von Inklusion - Schulische Förderprogramme und ihre Wirksamkeit

Sepideh Hassani , Susanne Schwab
IFO 2020
Konferenz, Vortrag
25.1.2020 - 25.1.2020

Friendships in school - Fostering Social Participation

Sepideh Hassani , Susanne Schwab
Inclusive Education
Konferenz, Posterpräsentation
8.1.2020 - 8.1.2020