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Perceptions about the professional world at the end of lower secondary education

Educational and career decisions of adolescents at the transition from lower secondary to higher secondary education

Period: 01.12.2018–31.05.2020

Funding: Chamber of Labour (AK) Vienna, Department of Education Policy

Career orientation and civic/citizenship education aims at providing adolescents with the necessary tools, in order to understand and to be able to actively contribute to the world of employment. This includes conveying knowledge on how policymaking is related to different interests and how those interests can be met to strengthen adolescents’ self-confidence and to foster their active civic participation.

In Austria, decisions affecting adolescents’ educational paths often depend on traditional role ascriptions as well as family backgrounds. Deciding on the further course of education or work at the end of lower secondary education is a crucial turning point in adolescents’ lives.

Within this research study, relevant data is collected to understand adolescents’ perceptions about the world of employment and where those perceptions arise from, in order to be able to support adolescents as well as teachers within this decision-making process.

The qualitative research design focuses on a sociodemographic comparison between different educational institutions as well as school sites with focus on gender and diversity. A large-scale questionnaire survey will be followed by qualitative interviews. Through the quantitative survey, the researchers will gain an overview about existing trends and problems. It will furthermore yield relevant information for the subsequent problem-based interviews.

This research study on adolescents’ subjective perceptions about the professional world aims at analysing their educational and career decisions when transitioning from lower secondary to higher secondary education. As a framework for research, a political-didactic reconstruction will be used to provide guidance when it comes to subject-oriented educational opportunities.

Staff involved from the University of Vienna
  • Lead: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange
  • Scientific staff: Mag.a Sarah Sophia Straub
  • Cooperation: Iris Baumgardt (Universität Vechta)
  • Administration: Johanna Urban BA MA