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Sparkling Instruments

Digital musical instruments to promote interest in STEM subjects

DurationJuly 2017 - December 2019
FundingSparkling Science
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The project Sparkling Instruments deals with the playful design and technical development of digital music instruments. Three groups of secondary school students, among them one girls-only group, start with trying out existing instruments and music games. Then the students create playful possibilities to interact with music in a series of workshops with musicians, game designers and music technology experts, and implement them technically in the form of digital music instruments. A closing public event is organized by the participating school students, where these instruments are presented to the school community and the public. The aim is to bridge the gap between art and technology. In this highly interdisciplinary context, to improve the understanding of new forms of music making is a goal just as increasing interest in STEM subjects such as computer science and physics, which are involved in the construction of digital musical instruments. A special focus is fostering the interest of girls in STEM subjects.


Academic project team and cooperations
  • Project leader
    • Univ.-Prof. DI Fares Kayali (Center for teacher education)
  • Academic Project team
    • DI Naemi Luckner (Center for teacher education)
    • Mag. Vera Schwarz (Center for teacher education)
    • Matthias Steinböck, MSc, BSc (Center for teacher education)
    • Dr. Oliver Hödl (Faculty of Informatics)
    • Univ.-Prof. Peter Reichl (Faculty for Informatics)
  • Partner school
    • G11 Geringergasse