Tina Obermayr, BA MA

Working title: Carrying the heaviness of the (un)bearable.
A dialogue-phenomenologically based reconsideration of pain (accompaniment) in the context of inclusive pedagogy

Supervision: Franziska Felder, Evi Agostini, Jörg Michael Kastl
Period: June 2021 - May 2025
Contact: tina.obermayr@univie.ac.at

Pain and pain support - largely unreflected terrain within inclusive education. In order to bring the disciplinary omission already indirectly addressed here into the realm of the visible and to counteract it, the planned dissertation project focuses both on a (body)phenomenologically and inclusively pedagogically founded reconsideration of pain and - linked to this - on an educational-theoretical approach to contexts of experience and repercussion in the field of inclusive pedagogy. In a phenomenological manner, the question of the nature or constitution of the phenomenon at the centre will be asked: How does the recurring experience of pain manifest itself in the first-person perspective? How and to what extent can its structure, its sensory quality be phenomenologically-descriptively grasped, and what implications can be derived from this for a genuinely inclusive pedagogical accompaniment of pain? These questions outline the general research interest of the dissertation project in a 'two-step'.