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Linguistic Risk-Taking

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The Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative, originally developed at the University of Ottawa, is a pedagogical initiative that refers to authentic, every-day communication tasks in a target language as risks, since learners oftentimes perceive of them as risky due to their potential of e.g. being misunderstood or making mistakes. In order that learners become aware of the numerous every-day situations in which they can use and practice their target language, the Linguistic Risk-Taking Passport was developed in Canada. This passport contains various every-day activities (so-called risks) that learners can undertake in their target language and tick off afterwards.

The project “The Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative for German Learners in an Austrian University Context” focusses on the implementation of the Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative in German courses at the Language Center of the University of Vienna that are part of the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU). Through this initiative and the “Riskier was!”-Heft (“Risk something!”-booklet; the German counterpart to the Linguistic Risk-Taking Passport) specifically developed for this context, German learners shall be accompanied and encouraged to ‘risk’ using their target language German in every-day situations and benefit from it. At the same time, insights shall be gathered on how the “Riskier was!”-Heft is used by learners and how the initiative itself is assessed by both learners and teachers.

Project period01/2018 – 
FundingCooperation with University of Ottawa (OLBI/ILOB)

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