Support and supervision of young teachers (upper and lower secondary)

Many teachers experience their entry into the teaching profession as a challenge because they are confronted with high expectations on many levels:

  • How can young teachers deal with these high expectations?
  • How do they handle problematic situations in the classroom?
  • How do they position yourself in the school system?

Supervision can help to work on these and other similar questions. In group supervision, participants have the opportunity to discuss stressful situations from everyday school life and work together to find solutions.


In the long term, supervision pursues the following objectives:

  • Role, function and task clarification (for example, reflecting on and designating areas of responsibility)
  • Sharpening your own understanding of your role as a (prospective) teacher
  • Extension of the possibilities of action in your own field of work
  • Setting boundaries and letting go of outside expectations
  • Self-reflection/self-awareness (for example, becoming aware of one's own strengths and weaknesses, using and expanding one's own resources)
  • The group as a resource (for example, comparing self-image and alien image with feedback from the group)
  • Improvement of work quality and satisfaction

Young teachers will certainly benefit from the supervision programme, since they will receive professional support when starting their careers.


The supervision group meets once a month. The group members will decide together on the actual dates in the first session. Participation in the group sessions is free of charge.


Please contact Mag. Flora Varga for further information