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Compass – Orientating you towards your best international mobility choice

Compass logo, an orange compass with orange letters

The Compass project aims to help students prepare for their mobility by putting them in contact with students who have already gone abroad or with local students at the desired institution or destination. In order to connect international students with locals, the Compass platform allows them to post testimonials about the country, city or university where they come from or where they have been during their mobility. To publish testimonies the platform suggests tags on various subjects, such as #accommodation #studentlife #finance ect…

The aim is to improve guidance and preparation through an online tool for students preparing for mobility.

The project also allows the structures supporting students in mobility (universities and associations) to strengthen their practices and develop sustainable relationships by providing them with common and inclusive educational tools.

Project period09/2020 – 06/2023
WebsiteCompass-youth mobility

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