Training as a mentor in the teaching practice modules

three participants of the mentoring course sit in a seminar room

Foto: ZLB

Students of the teacher education programme of the North-East Schools' Group receive their education at universities or at higher education institutions of the Schools' Group. In addition, they receive practical training at schools. There, mentors accompany and advise the university students. Teachers can qualify as mentors by completing the training as a mentor in the teaching practice module.

The teaching practice module represents an important phase in the professionalisation of future teachers. In this transition process, mentors, as competent and reflecting practitioners, have the special task of supporting university students in working on and organising complex educational and teaching situations professionally.

Important elements of the teaching practice module are analytical observation, sitting in on classes and reflection on teaching units, as well as planning, execution and evaluation of lessons. In addition, the teaching practice module aims at enabling university students to take an enquiring look at the school system.

The training programme to become a mentor in the Pädagogisch-Praktische Studien (teaching practice) in the North-East Schools' Group will be available as of the academic year 2017/18. For this purpose, a joint curriculum was prepared that lays the foundations for the offers at the individual sites.