Digital Education and Learning Group

The Digital Education and Learning Group is situated at the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna. We take a creative, people-centred and optimistic yet at the same time technology-critical stance towards digital education and learning. Our goal is to foster technology learning experiences that are inclusive, promote, give room to different realities of life and provide individual spaces for playful exploration, learning and growth.

The group engages in critical socio-technical discourse around digital technology in their teaching, research and outreach activities. The aim is to support an empowered use of digital technology and promote agency, through which people can proactively participate in the technological future.

We design educational technology using participatory, user-centred methods. We combine qualitative and quantitative approaches form a range of academic disciplines to the development educational technology. The team is highly interdisciplinary and comprises perspectives from informatics, in particular human-computer interaction and game studies, educational sciences, social sciences, teacher education, philosophy, and more.

The group hosts the Computational Empowerment Lab that brings together applied research and teaching in collaboration with its users and different stakeholders from schools, politics and industry. The lab gives researchers and students exploratory and creative access to technologies such as digital fabrication, games, virtual and augmented reality, digital music, and robotics amongst others.




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