Learn to proGrAME

Learning to program through video game development

DurationAugust 2017 - July 2019
FundingSparkling Science
Project websitehttp://cslearn.cs.univie.ac.at/research/projects/project/277/

The idea behind the project is that pupils explore their learning of a programming language in the setting of video game development. In this endeavour, they can gain knowledge about the processes that are no longer genuinely accessible to the researchers who are already able to code (or that are not accessible at all to researchers who do not plan to learn a programming language). In the course of this learning process, students move beyond their roles of traditional learners and actively reflect and exchange experiences about their learning. Through this reflection and exchange with the other participants, the students contribute to the generation of new knowledge.

The lead research question of the project is "Under which circumstances can the development of video games improve the learning of programming?"


Academic project team and cooperations
  • Academic Project team
    • Dr. Oswald Comber (Fakulty of computer science)
    • Univ.-Prof. Helmut Hlavacs (Fakulty of computer science and Centre for teacher education)
    • Univ.-Prof. Ilse Schrittesser (Centre for teacher education and Institute for educational science)
    • Univ.-Prof. Christian Swertz (Institute for educational science)
  • Partner schools
    • GRGORG 16 Maroltingergasse
    • ERG 21 Donaustadt