History of the disability movement in Austria

Durationrunning until june 2018
FundingUniversität Salzburg, bidok, Selbstbestimmt Leben Innsbruck, Department of education in Innsbruck, Department of Education of the University of Vienna
Project websitehttp://bidok.uibk.ac.at/projekte/behindertenbewegung/

Since 1945, organisations of people with disabilities in Austria have been trying to improve social rights and equality. Starting in the 1970s, a new movement has emerged that demands self-representation and the implementation of human rights. An online research platform presents documents on the history of this particular movement – the SELBSTBESTIMMT LEBEN BEWEGUNG (movement for self-determined life) – and their analysis of disability policy in Austria as part of a memory of the disability movement.


Academic project team
  • A.o.Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Volker Schönwiese (University of Innsbruck & chairman of BIDOK)
  • Univ. Ass. Dr. Sascha Plangger (University of Innsbruck, Institute of Educational Science)
  • Dr.in Gertraud Kremsner (University of Vienna, Centre for Teacher Education)
  • Benjamin Emberger, BA (University of Vienna, Department of Education)
  • Mag.a Christine Riegler (University of Innsbruck, Institute of Educational Science)