The Inclusive Education Team offers courses in the Specialisation in Inclusive Education and Principles of Educational Sciences (ABG) as part of the teacher training programme.

The Specialisation in the Inclusive Education programme focuses on language and sensory development, socio-emotional development, cognitive and motor development, and Sign-Language-Education.

Furthermore, courses are also offered at the Institute for Educational Sciences. You can get an overview of the individual courses from the individual employees under Team.

Within the specialisation in Inclusive Education teachers and researches mostly from the teachers’ colleges (Pädagogische Hochschulen) in the North-East Schools Group are active. In addition there are teachers and researchers from the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Vienna involved, such as Dr. Tobias Buchner and Seyda Subasi.

Information about the degree programme

Inclusive Education (Specialisation)

Please find further information about the specialisation in Inclusive Education on the webpages of the SSC Teacher Education.