Cooperation schools of the University of Vienna

Based on the cooperation school model introduced by the Department of Education, by 2014 the University of Vienna had established a network of 58 certified cooperating schools in Vienna and its surrounding area.

To further extend this first level of cooperation between universities and schools, the concept of cooperation schools has been expanded since summer semester 2015. The cooperation is specified in a cooperation agreement and cooperation schools obtain the title "Cooperation School of the University of Vienna" by means of a certificate for up to three school years with the possibility of renewal.

A cooperation school agrees to carry out a joint practical research project together with the Department of Education or a subject didactics centre of the University of Vienna, which involves teachers, students and academics. Cooperation schools are involved in the education of future teachers during their teaching practice (bachelor’s programme) and their practical work at school (master’s programme). Teachers working at a cooperation school receive preferential treatment when the places for the Certificate Course / Postgraduate Course "Mentoring Training in the pedagogical practical studies" and "Mentoring: Professional Supervision of Entry into the Teaching Profession“ are allocated.

This cooperation in research and teaching stimulates synergetic effects. The mutual influence of theory and practice contributes to active quality development and quality assurance in both institutions.

Below you can find an overview of the award criteria for the title "Cooperation School of the University of Vienna".

 Award criteria for the title “Cooperation School“

Cooperation schools 2017-2022

SchoolCooperation with subject / field of research
Abendgymnasium Wien

Educational Sciences

Akademisches Gymnasium

Biology, Chemistry
BG/BRG 6Educational Sciences, German
BG/BRG 11Educational Sciences
BG 13 FichtnergasseGerman
BG/BRG 21Educational Sciences
BG/BRG/Wiener Mittelschule ContiwegInclusive Education
BG/BRG WolkersdorfGerman
BHAK & BHAS Wien 10Educational Sciences, German
BRG/BORG 2Chemistry
BRG 19Educational Sciences
BRG 9 Erich Fried RealgymnasiumDidactics of History, Civic and Citizenship Education
Evangelisches Gymnasium Wien

Educational Sciences

GRG Franklinstraße 26Educational Sciences
GRG 3 HagenmüllergasseEducational Sciences
GRG 13 Wenzgasse

Didactics of History, Civic and Citizenship Education

GRG 15 auf der SchmelzHome Economics and Nutrition
GRG 17 GeblergasseEducational Sciences; Didactics of History, Civic and Citizenship Education
GRG 17 ParhamergymnasiumEducational Sciences
GTVS NovaEducational Sciences
Gymnasium am AugartenDidactics of History, Civic and Citizenship Education
Gymnasium Sacré Coeur WienGerman
G11 BG & BRG Wien 11 GeringergasseEducational Sciences
LeopoldschuleInclusive Education
Modulare Mittelstufe AspernEducational Sciences
NMS FriesgasseLanguage Teaching and Learning Research
NMSi KonstanziagasseEducational Sciences
NMS PfeilgasseEducational Sciences
NMS SchopenhauerstraßeLanguage Teaching and Learning Research
NSMS HadersdorfEducational Sciences
OVS GrundsteingasseLanguage Teaching and Learning Research
Polgargymnasium Wien 22Chemistry
Schule am HimmelInclusive Education
Schulzentrum HTL HAK UngargasseEducational Sciences
Schumpeter Handesakademie/HandelsschuleDidactics of History, Civic and Citizenship Education
Theresianum EisenstadtHome Economics and Nutrition
Tierpflegeschule an der Vetmeduni ViennaEducational Sciences
VS/OMS DietmayrgasseEducational Sciences

Cooperation Schools 2022-2025

SchoolCooperation with subject/field of research
Ukrainian Saturday School Vienna