Teachers and researchers

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Erasmus+ teacher mobility

The Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility programme sponsors teaching stays at Erasmus+ partner universities. The duration of the stay ranges between 2 days and 2 months, the teaching activity covers at least 8 hours for stays between 2 and 7 days. For longer stays, the number of minimum hours of teaching increases accordingly.

Lecturers can also apply for Erasmus+ teacher mobility and complete their Erasmus stay in a semester, during which they teach at the University of Vienna. Especially welcome are teachers who participate in the programme for the first time.

Submissions are possible until up to four weeks before the start of the stay abroad. For further information about the required documents, please click here. If the university of your choice is not listed under the Erasmus+ partner universities for teacher mobility, it is possible to conclude a new Erasmus+ agreement for your teaching stay. Since this process can take some time, it is necessary that you contact the International Office in due time.

Mobility programmes for researchers

All academics and researchers of the University of Vienna, including doctoral and PhD candidates, have a wide range of opportunities for stays abroad (e.g. ASEA-UNINET, Stanford Post-Doc-Exchange). There are special mobility programmes and scholarships for predoctoral students and doctoral candidates. You can find an overview of these programmes and scholarships under PhD Mobility. For further information on the individual programmes and the required application documents, please visit the website of the International Office.


Lecturers and professors of the University of Vienna can benefit from a mobility programme, enabling them to spend a certain amount of time teaching at a partner university abroad:


Researchers of the University of Vienna (including PhD) have the chance to spend time at a university abroad to conduct research: