Computational Empowerment Lab

A "Computational Empowerment Lab" is being set up as part of the Digital Education and Learning Group. Computational empowerment is understood as an extension of the concept of computational thinking in the sense of empowerment to participate in a self-determined way in digital society and not only to understand technological development, but also to be able to actively shape it.

One building block for this are innovative digital technologies that are readily accessible and can also be realistically acquired by schools. These include, for example, 3D printers, cutting plotters, digital games, augmented and virtual reality devices, simple robots, AI applications, sensors, electronic kits, digital musical instruments, and conductive textiles.

The Computational Empowerment Lab's intention is to engage in research now with technologies that may realistically be available in schools in a few years, as well as to expose students to these technologies now in their teaching. The Lab provides an infrastructure for research in which prototypes of digital educational technologies can be designed and evaluated flexibly, directly and iteratively.


Raise3D Pro2

  • Print technology: FFF
  • max. print area: 305 x 305 x 605mm
  • Layer resolution: 0,01mm
  • Number of print buttons/extruders: 2
  • Print button/extruder typ: Bowden
  • Extruder temperature: 300°C
  • Auto. calibration: yes
  • Heated printerbed: yes
  • Software: IdeaMaker

Gamelab Case

The GameLab case is the result of a cooperation between Nintendo, the Centre for Teacher Education and the History Department at the University of Vienna. Fifteen Switch consoles are available for university teacher training and school teaching as well as other further education programmes. They are packed in a transportable case and can be borrowed by teachers and students for research and teaching purposes.

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For social interactive exchange, we have created a virtual space that also enables digital social interaction. We use it for meetings, but Gather also offers many new and exciting possibilities for teaching.


The Lab is available to internal and external individuals for:

  • Research collaborations with the Digital Education and Learning Unit
  • Teaching and workshops
  • Master and PhD theses

If you are interested, please contact us with a short, informal description of the requirements and the time frame of your project. It is also possible to make an on site appointment to visit the lab. 


Mag.a Alexandra Miltner


Ing. Florian Rott, MEd

Technical support