TDT - Teaching Digital Thinking

Strategies for conception, mediation, dynamization and sustainable implementation

Digitalization makes it necessary for every university graduate to acquire basic computer science competencies and for students of computer science to acquire a fundamental understanding of human, social, legal, and ethical concerns. In order to shape digitalization together, our students as well as teachers must acquire competencies that enable sustainable interdisciplinary collaboration.

To this end, this project is developing an Austria-wide concept for training students in basic information technology and computational thinking, as well as prototypes for the transformation of digital skills into the curricula. The universities are thus making their contribution to the major social and economic challenges of the digital transformation of the 21st century

Main goal

The acquisition of the competencies required for understanding, designing and critically reflecting on the digital transformation will be provided to a broad spectrum of students. In addition, recommendations for the design of educational programs will be developed based on existing frameworks.


The development of new content and new didactic methods to build up these relevant competencies, supported by organizational measures to anchor this development throughout Austria in a sustainable way. 

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