Preconditions of Transformation of Education Process in Different Educational Contexts by Applying Inclusive Education Strategies

In recent years, schools have changed to the extent that exclusive learning environments are increasingly giving way to new, inclusive learning environments. The changed requirements mean that teachers are confronted with new challenges. In order to be able to design teaching and learning processes as optimally as possible in changed environments, this project has the main task of creating an international and national exchange in and about the development of teaching and learning methods and thus improving the realities of life for teachers and learners. At the end of the project, a scientific study ("Towards Inclusive Education: Transformation of Education Process"), a (further) education programme for teachers as well as a handbook for teachers will be produced in order to implement the knowledge gained in the project in the longer term. In addition to the project outputs, three Bachelor's theses dealing with UDL were initiated by the project.

Project period09/2018 - 08/2021

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