Mag. Reva Akkus, BA pth

Spracherleben in einer Minderheitensituation am Beispiel von Kurdinnen und Kurden. Biografische Erzählungen in Diyarbakir, Istanbul und Wien.

Betreuung: Helmut Gruber, Eva Vetter
Zeitraum: 2016-

The topic of this thesis, which has the title of “Lived language experiences in a minority situation using the example of Kurds. Biographic narratives in Diyarbakir, Istanbul and Vienna” is a language biographical research. Using the concept of lived language, this thesis addresses the question of how emotional pressures or strains manifest themselves in language experiences. In particular, it seeks to determine the extent to which negative emotional experiences and the memory of previous language experiences have an effect on language production.

This paper draws upon a qualitative research, conducted with the three generations of three Kurdish families in three different cities.

Biographical narratives will be gathered through interviews that will be recorded, transcribed in the form of literary notation and rewritten based on GAT 2. A discourse analysis and a narrative analysis will then be conducted. The manner in which interviewees express themselves and interact will be observed.