Serious Game Changers

Digital Game-based Learning Workshops to promote future skills

The Serious Game Changers project approaches various future topics in a playful way and together with young adults from Vienna. Digital (learning) games serve as a low-threshold, motivating approach to otherwise often abstract problems and allow the participants to slip into new roles, take on different perspectives and thus develop new perspectives and possibilities for action. The GameLab of the University of Vienna provides both professional expertise and technical and playful equipment.

Specifically, in the course of the project, iterative design and game workshops enable a critical examination of the chosen topics and a playful, participatory development of teaching materials and concepts. In this way, young people already assume an active, creative role in the project with regard to their own (educational) future and their subject-specific, digital and transformative competences will be further developed. 

The findings and materials will then be made available to a broad public (e.g. via established educational platforms such as the Eduthek, in the context of public events) and packaged in formats for schools, youth associations and teaching at the Centre for Teacher Education.

Project duration02/2022 - 01/2025
GrantAK DigiFonds

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