Ongoing projects

the letters

© Fakultät für Informatik

Illustration of a person in a wheelchair, a medical worker and a mother in front of a computer with two children

© Florimond Mochel

© Constantin Kraus

two hands holding a Nintendo Switch

© Barbara Göbl

illustration of a production line with two robots and two people

© Iko Maker/Adobe Stock

a laptop on a table with lots of colorful post-its

© UX Unsplash

Completed Projects

Music Computing


Illustration of a person standing on a large computer

© Patricia Hu

three figures printed by a 3D printer

© Matthias Steinböck

a cell phone in the background; in the foreground the illustrations of a mobile phone, a brain, gears and a car

Quelle: pixabay

a hand on an audio mixing console

© Oliver Hödl



StreamIT logo; an owl with plus and play symbols instead of eyes

© StreamIT!

two students sit at a table and connect colorful cables

© Oliver Hödl

Current publications of team members

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Prahm C, Sturma A, Vujaklija I, Kayali F. Novel Technologies in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation. In Bionic Limb Reconstruction. Axel Springer Verlag AG. 2021

Götzenbrucker G, Schwarz V, Kayali F. Youth and Interculturality in Vienna: Gaming Intervention in Intercultural Contexts – Two Project Cases. In Knapp G, Krall H, editors, Youth Cultures in a Globalized World: Developments, Analyses and Perspectives. Springer-Verlag Berlin-Heidelberg. 2021. p. 207-224

Günther E. Der „ideale“ Technik-Student. Intersektionale Dynamiken in der universitären MINT-Lehre. In Biele Mefebue A, Bührmann A, Grenz S, editors, Handbuch Intersektionalitätsforschung. Springer VS, Wiesbaden. 2020

Haselberger D, Motschnig R, Comber O, Mayer H, Horbe M. Experiential Factors Supporting Pupils' Perceived Competence in Coding - An Evaluative Qualitative Content Analysis. In 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE 2020 - Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. 2020. 9274217. ( Conference proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference).

Showing entries 16 - 20 out of 27