Anna Kos

Thema: Developing a concept to improve child - parent interaction and the well being of long-term hospitalized children and their parents through songwriting/musiceducation (accompanied by the use of digital media) as part of the project „Your Smile“ at the general hospital Vienna (https://www.yoursmile.wien).

Betreuung: Fares Kayali

Zeitraum: ab 2022

Kontakt: annakos@live.at

Matthias Steinböck

Thema: Selbstbestimmtes Spielen und Lernen in formellen Umgebungen durch Computerspiele

Betreuung: Fares Kayali

Zeitraum: ab 2020

Kontakt: matthias.steinboeck@univie.ac.at

Georg Wendt

Thema: Developing video game literacy in the EFL classroom by analyzing games’ ‘evoked narratives’ 

Betreuung: Fares Kayali (ZLB) und Susanne Reichl (Institut für Anglistik) 

Zeitraum: ab 2022

Kontakt: georg.wendt@univie.ac.at